Slope Stabilization - Japan DOT

Materials Evaluated: Conwed Fibers Jet-Spray, Tacking Agent 3 and FiberLock

In Japan land values are substantially higher than in the United States. Cut slopes along roadsides often are 70 percent slopes as opposed to 30 to 45 percent cut slopes along our highways. The face of steep slopes is frequently covered with concrete to handle soil erosion. Seepage often damages the concrete and they have to be repaired every 6 or 7 years. The following shots were taken from a field test for the Japan DOT. They are evaluating our hydraulic products for erosion control and seedling establishment along their roadways and highways. Jet-Spray was applied at a rate of 3000 lbs per acre, Tacking Agent 3 at 75 lbs per acre and FiberLock at 75 lbs per acre. At the above rate the entire soil surface should be covered at completion.

Above, seeded on August 12, 1997. Below, photo taken on August 18, 1997. Note the pitch of the slope. Establishment always takes longer on steep slopes. The sun has bleached the majority of the fiber mulch color away.

Below, photos taken on October 6, 1997. Establishment is dense and healthy.