Wildflower Project - Toyakawa, Japan - II

Materials Evaluated: Conwed Fibers Jet-Spray, Tacking Agent 3 & FiberLock

Toyakawa, Japan is the site of numerous wildflower projects. Conwed Fibers Jet-Spray fiber mulch, Tacking Agent 3 and our patented FiberLock are improving germination, emergence and establishment of wildflower seed beyond what was thought possible with hydraulically applied fiber mulch products. The application rate is 3000 lbs per acre of Jet-Spray, 75 lbs of Tacking Agent 3 and 75 lbs of FiberLock per acre.

Above, fiber mulch slurry is applied between splashboards so as to not over spray the soil surface. Below, wildflower establishment is dense and healthy. The plants have no difficulty emerging through the fiber mulch matrix. Jet-Spray is designed not to mache over.