Wildflower Project - Toyakawa, Japan - III

Materials Evaluated: Conwed Fibers Jet-Spray, Tacking Agent 3 & FiberLock

Toyakawa, Japan — Site of a prominent car builder's manufacturing plant. Wildflowers are seeded for the aesthetic improvement of the property surrounding the facility. Jet-Spray fiber mulch was applied at a rate of 3000 lbs per acre, Tacking Agent 3 (75 lbs per acre) and FiberLock at 75 lbs per acre. Jet-Spray fiber mulch won't mache over as does other types of cellulose fiber mulches. Tacking Agent 3 and FiberLock act synergistically to improve the water holding capacity, air infiltration and the erosion control performance of the hydraulic mulch matrix. All of these factors are instrumental in improving seedling germination, emergence and establishment.

Seeding performed on July 4, 1997.

Quality establishment on August 26, 1997.

Bed begins to flower substantially on September 3, 1997.

Wonderful coverage and density on October 25, 1997. We’ve found that the higher the fiber mulch rate the better the plants perform.