The #1 Choice of Hydroseeders

Superior Fibers Deliver Superior Results for Fewer Callbacks

Nothing illustrates Conwed Fibers’ superior quality than a comparison of our wood fibers to those of our competitors. Our Thermally Refined® wood fibers result in greater:

Conwed Fibers Wood Fiber

Conwed Fibers’ Thermally Refined wood fiber holds 13.5 times its weight in water to promote faster, more complete germination. Say goodbye to callbacks due to washouts or poor turf establishment.

Competitors’ Wood Fiber

Competitors use atmospherically refined wood fiber which results in up to 50% less water holding capacity and less yield. It’s one reason you need extra bales of competitive mulch to equal the performance of Conwed Fibers.

Thermally Refined wood fiber holds up to 50% more water than atmospherically refined wood fiber—a critical factor in seed germination.

Thermally Refined wood utilizes heat and pressure that breaks wood down into more fibrous material with greater surface area that results in mulch with:

  • Greater yield. Reduces the number of bales you buy and load.
  • Greater coverage. Reduces callbacks due to washouts.
  • Greater water retention. Reduces callbacks due to poor turf establishment.
  • Greater productivity. Eliminates clogs from the coarse fiber found in competitive mulches.
  • Lower total project cost.

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